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Enterprise focus on IT security is at an all-time high for the simple reason that the problem isn’t going away and indeed is getting worse; critical security breaches make the headlines on a regular basis and every CISO knows that it’s no longer a question of if they’re going to happen, but when. Exacerbating the problem is that fact that many organizations simply focus on the wrong facets of the issue – looking to external threats and ignoring those that originate internally, whether as the actions of malicious employees, or through the use of subverted access credentials. Point solutions simply can’t catch multi-faceted attacks and while the concept of a multi-layered approach to security isn’t new, one that blends the right kinds of capabilities to actually catch these types of threats is.

Join your peers and noted industry visionaries for this executive think tank and dinner to explore what multi-layer security means, or should mean, in today’s threat environment. Together you will all share your experience and expertise to brainstorm ways to better address existing security concerns. You’ll leave with a better understanding of what the modern multi-layer security approach looks like as well as a well thought out plan to protect critical data, apps and your company’s reputation.

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